During your stay please: 

* No Smoking / No Vaping inside home. 

* Quiet Hours - 10:00pm to 8:00am. (We would like to respect our friendly neighbors) 

* Please keep pets OFF the furniture any damage from a pet result in a pet cleaning fee. 

* Kindly tidy up after your pet outside. 

* Please remove dirty shoes/boots while inside the home. Mudroom is provided. 

* ONLY flush small amounts of toilet paper in toilet to keep septic functional. 

* Please be mindful of water consumption because house is on a well system. 

* All used towels to be placed in the upstairs bathroom tub at checkout. 

* If you happen to damage anything please let the host know asap so it can be replaced.

During Departure please: 

* All dishes to be placed in the dishwasher and turned on for cleaning before departure. 

* Garbage to be placed in provided black garbage bags only. Up to three (3) full garbage bags are included in the fee. Extra garbage bags can be removed by yourself offsite or a $10 charge per extra bag will be applied. 

* Recycling is FREE but to be separated with clear bags provided under the kitchen sink. If it is not separated it will be considered garbage. 1st clear bag - Cardboard and paper only; 2nd clear bag - Plastics, tin cans and glass only. 

*When leaving the house please ensure all windows and doors are locked and secure. 

* All lights to be turned off. 

* Fire pit may be used at your own risk. We are in the process of obtaining a fire permit from the township. When not in use please extinguish fire-pit. 

* Return outside chairs to shed if not in use and stack them.

Late Check out: 

Unless authorized by the host or co-host the check out will be for 11:00am. Any unauthorized guests staying past the check out time (30 minutes to 1 hour) may be charged a $50 late checkout fee. Unauthorized guests who stay 2 hours or more will be subject to that days base rate without discounts. This does not award the guest possession of the property for the day. Please be kind and do not leave the maids waiting to turn over the space.

Thank you for reading the house Rules!

We are confident you will enjoy your stay!

- Cohosted Team